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No Strings Attached® Musical Scores
Terms and Conditions
This page contains musical scores from some of our albums. They are just melody lines with chords. We provide them here for you under the following terms and conditions. You agree to these conditions when you access the scores in this page. You may print out copies of the music for your personal use. You may not distribute these copies to anyone or anything without our permission. We ask that you send us a note whenever you get a score from here. We'll use this note to correlate with our WWW server logs (trust but verify....:-)). If you want to use it for a recording or commercial purpose then send us note requesting a mechanical license. Otherwise, have fun with the tunes. Standard copyright laws apply in all cases.
   French Girl's Waltz page 1, page 2 (from Dulcimer Dimensions)
   T-Bear's Lullaby (from Dulcimer Dimensions)
    Los Reyes Oriente (from Blue Roses)
    Flying Cloud Reel/Rusty Piper (from Traditional Music of the Future)
    Stroush's Waltz (from Augusta Heritage Workshops)